From confidential material to general office waste, toners, batteries, mobiles, CDs and DVDs. We offer secure, responsible and compliant recycling solutions.


Secure and responsible recycling.

Understanding ethical standards and legal requirements is at the heart of our recycling service. We offer free advice, collection and secure, responsible recycling of confidential waste and general office consumables.

Responsibility. For ethical, environmental and financial reasons, recycling makes sense. We offer free advice and support to help you dispose of waste in the most appropriate, responsible and viable way.

The environment. We publish our own guidelines, The Green Initiative, to help inform and advise our customers on ways to improve the environmental credentials of their workplace and business systems. We operate a zero landfill policy and aim to help our customers minimise the amount of waste going down this route.

Why choose us. As an independent, we can offer a range of recycling options and advise on the most appropriate solutions for your business. We currently offset our carbon footprint through two initiatives; one in Europe and one in India. The second project brings much-needed employment and education to a region steeped in poverty.

Security and compliance. We understand that waste material can be highly sensitive, containing confidential, personal information that requires secure disposal. For sensitive material we collect and immediately shred in secure units. We are registered with the Department of the Environment for both waste transfer and as a waste broker, providing full certification and waste transfer notices for collected and recycled waste.

Economics. It makes strong economic sense to streamline waste disposal and, combined with our tailored office solutions, we can help minimise your business waste, save time and reduce costs.

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • Secure Destruction of Confidential Material to BS 15713
  • DoE registered for waste transfer and brokerage
  • Free advice and support through our Green Initiative
  • Secure confidential waste transfer and destruction
  • Minimising waste to landfill and associated costs
  • Fully compliant, single source, tailored solutions

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A responsible approach to waste management benefits not only the environment, but also your business, your staff and your professional reputation.


Comprehensive and flexible solutions for business waste.

We promote a zero waste to landfill policy with flexible collection and disposal solutions for a wide range of materials - optimizing recycling opportunities that benefit both the environment and your business.

Effective disposal and recycling can be complex, with most businesses generating several different types of waste. We offer comprehensive and flexible solutions for the appropriate disposal and recycling of all your waste materials, from confidential document shredding, to metals, plastics, office consumables, appliances, furnishings, mobiles and digital media.

We aim to help our customers achieve zero waste to landfill and thereby maximise their recycling to benefit the environment and alleviate business costs such as landfill tax. Taking a proactive approach to responsible waste disposal and recycling also promotes respect from your staff, your customers, other businesses and the local community, helping to enhance your professional reputation and even contribute to sales.

We understand the importance of making waste management as straightforward and efficient as possible for your business. We offer a complete audit of your requirements and the provision of appropriate on-site bins, bags and containers with coordinated collection and off-site destruction/recycling at secure facilities.

Our waste management experts are available by phone or in person to provide advice regarding every aspect of compliant disposal in line with Government requirements and current legislation pertaining to both confidential and other types of waste.

  • Comprehensive and flexible waste management
  • Maximises recycling opportunities
  • Benefits the environment
  • Alleviates business landfill tax and costs
  • Enhances your professional reputation
  • Benefits local communities
  • Nurtures respect and can promotes sales

Fully certified, compliant and efficient.Our confidential waste service provides complete peace of mind.


Secure and compliant destruction for confidential waste.

Every business generates documentation of a sensitive and confidential nature. We can help you fulfil your obligations and comply with legislation to protect your customers, your staff and your business.

Some of your company documentation will inevitably contain sensitive information such as financial details and personal data relating to your business, your staff and customers. Protecting that information is both a moral and legal obligation for businesses and ensuring that security is maintained when documents reach the end of their life is equally important – failure to do so can result in significant fines and, in extreme cases, compulsory closure.

Our waste management experts are fully conversant with the latest legislation and can advise on every aspect of document security. We offer a wide range of secure containers, bins and sacks to suit your specific on-site requirements, whether you need a secure bin next to a copier, or recycling sacks for larger scale disposal. On collection of your waste, we issue you with full certification and transfer notices, and securely transport your material to one of our destruction centres for immediate shredding.

Whatever your confidential waste requirements, our service offers you peace of mind. We hold ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management, and provide secure destruction of confidential materials to BS 15713. In addition, we are registered with the Department of the Environment for both waste transfer and as a waste broker.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • Secure Destruction of Confidential Material to BS 15713
  • Full security screening of staff to BS 7858
  • Provision of full certification and transfer notices
  • Secure collection, retention and conveyance systems
  • Secure destruction premises
  • Department of Environment registered broker

Businesses in the UK have a responsibility to manage their waste appropriately.We can explain the requirements and help to implement the best solutions for your business.


We can help you understand and fulfil your corporate responsibilities.

All businesses, irrespective of their size, are required by Government to minimise their waste through re-use and recycling; to store waste appropriately, and to dispose of waste responsibly through a registered carrier.

We have a thorough understanding of Government requirements for the disposal of commercial waste in England and the respective requirements for businesses in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We can explain your obligations and implement all necessary procedures to help you fulfil your responsibilities through a cost-effective, single-source solution.

The Government defines business waste as waste that comes from any commercial activity and requires all businesses, irrespective of size, to:

  • Minimise the amount of waste they generate through re-use, recycling or recovery;
  • Separate different types of waste to facilitate re-use and store it safely in appropriate, clearly labelled and, where necessary, secure and/or weatherproof containers;
  • Ensure that a waste transfer notice is issued and retained for each load of waste that leaves the business premises and that the carrier is registered to dispose of waste. Businesses that choose to dispose of their own waste are required to register as a waste carrier and may be required to apply for a waste permit;
  • Observe the additional responsibilities for dealing with hazardous waste.
  • Government requirements apply to all businesses
  • Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland have separate requirements
  • All businesses must seek to minimise their waste
  • Business waste must be sorted and stored appropriately
  • Carriers must be registered to dispose of waste with DoE
  • Transfer notices must be issued and retained

Wherever possible, we provide waste management services free of charge as part of our Green Initiative, to help our customers implement ‘greener’ systems and procedures.


Waste is an opportunity for social and environmental change.

Our waste management solutions form part of our wider corporate social and environmental policies, and we offer our services free of charge, wherever possible, to help ensure that your waste is never wasted.

We understand that disposing of waste materials can be time-consuming and expensive for businesses, and ensuring that recycling opportunities are optimised for different types of waste is an additional complexity that, for many, is difficult to justify.

Our service provides a single, coordinated solution for all your waste. We have the expertise and facilities to transfer and dispose of different materials in the most appropriate and effective manner, optimising opportunities for recycling and facilitating the responsible re-use of equipment.

Our services are simple to use and, wherever possible, offered free of charge as part of our Green Initiative – a free source of advice and support for customers wishing to implement a more environmentally-friendly workplace through the introduction of ‘greener’ systems and procedures.

We currently offset our own carbon footprint through two initiatives, one in Europe and the other in India. Both projects reflect our commitment to sound environmental and social practices, and provide employment, education and support for crucial services in some of the poorest regions.

  • Waste services are free of charge where possible
  • Advice and support through our Green Initiative
  • Simple coordinated waste management solutions
  • Helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Encouraging appropriate recycling and re-use
  • Supporting social and environmental projects
  • Reducing waste to landfill

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our business services. If you would like to know more, please talk to us.

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