Store documents safely, access them easily,and make the most of your office space.


Safe and sound archiving.

Our in-house archiving module has been designed using the latest technology supported by rigorous testing to ensure an exceptional service that’s among the most competitive in the industry.

Secure and reliable. Our business archiving centre is housed within a purpose-built facility and is manned 24 hours a day by fully enhanced, DBS screened employees. The unit is protected by CCTV, fire and alarm systems and we hold full liability insurance.

Easy to use. We have designed our archiving module and back office system with our customers in mind; ease of use, security and efficient retrieval are at the core of this service. Your documents are stored securely, saving you valuable office space. Barcode-linked technology ensures every box and file can be located quickly and easily, and our one hour scan and send facility means you won’t be kept waiting.

Highly competitive. We have developed our archiving service to be among the most competitive in the industry – if not the most competitive, and we are confident that our customers will find our service levels and pricing structure reflect our commitment to deliver excellence in this – as in all areas of our business.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • Purpose-designed secure archiving facilities
  • Back office system ease of use
  • Barcode linked technology
  • 1 hour scan and send facility
  • All employees fully enhanced DBS screened
  • Manned 24 hours, full CCTV, fire and alarm systems
  • Full liability insurance

We’re not just safeguarding your documents,
we’re protecting your information and your business.


Safeguarding your documents. Protecting your information.

We understand the challenges of securely storing and safely accessing your vital business documents. Our complete solution combines enhanced security with fully integrated, seamless and flexible access options.

We recognise that all businesses have documentation that is subject to access privileges, and for many, there is a legal obligation to comply with legislation. The requirements for data protection are more complex and robust than ever, with the systems required to meet them – and the penalties for failing to do so – becoming ever more daunting. Our document management service is a cost-effective solution, helping you to achieve the standards necessary for compliance and giving you complete peace of mind.

Our secure storage facility is purpose-built to the highest standards. We offer advanced protection with 24-hour staffing, comprehensive CCTV monitoring, fire and alarm systems. We hold full liability insurance and ISO 27001 Information Security Management accreditation.

Our archiving module has been designed using the latest technology and is supported by rigorous testing to ensure a robustly sound and secure online portal for our customers.

All our staff are enhanced DBS screened and receive stringent, on-going training to ensure that exemplary standards of security are maintained. We recognise that document management can pose a range of unique challenges to different businesses across all industry sectors, and we have the expertise to advise and deliver effective, flexible solutions to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

  • Purpose-built secure storage facility
  • 24-hour monitoring and safety systems
  • Secure, robust online customer portal
  • Enhanced DBS screened and fully trained staff
  • On-going testing and monitoring of all systems
  • Full liability insurance
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management

By taking care of your document storage and management,
we can help make your workplace more efficient and productive.


Efficient and cost-effective storage,with every file at your fingertips.

Storing your business documents in-house may seem cost-effective, but in reality, it can eat into ever-larger areas of your prime office space and swallow up man hours as staff contend with a growing bank of material.

In addition to the amount of storage space required, security can be a major concern, particularly when you need to be compliant with legislation. Implementing and maintaining appropriate security systems in your offices can be complex and costly.

Our complete document management service is specifically designed for the purpose of extensive, secure storage and ease of access – freeing your valuable office space and optimising the distribution of information throughout your business.

Our dedicated storage facility provides advanced security, enhanced compliance and complete peace of mind – combined with a range of seamless data management options that deliver safe, on-demand access to your files, whenever you need them.

We offer a flexible choice of document retrieval methods and can tailor our system to your specific requirements. Our digital scanning service can provide copies of documents securely on-line, within the hour – and if you require your original documents, we can despatch same day for secured and fully tracked delivery.

  • Maximises valuable office space
  • Provides advanced security
  • Offers cost-effective compliance
  • Saves staff time and improves productivity
  • Scanning offers speed and carbon efficiency
  • Access to files within an hour

Our comprehensive document management services are entirely in-house,
offering a suite of flexible resources or a single, truly integrated business solution.


Tailored document management that works for your business.

We can help you establish a complete document management system based on your unique business needs. From a range of storage options, to document scanning, indexing, archiving, and secure destruction.

Every business is different and so are the unique demands of managing your documentation. Our archiving module provides an established and rigorously tested platform with the flexibility to build a unique solution that works for you.

Our document professionals can assess your requirements, offer advice and establish an appropriate system of storage and management for the documents that you use frequently, and for those you don’t.

The use of barcode technology throughout our integrated system provides the basis for complete security, control and accuracy. We are able to generate specific schedules for individual documentation – from distribution to scanning and digital archiving, giving you the opportunity to create a management schedule for every aspect of a document’s life-cycle including its secure destruction.

All our services are managed in-house, offering you a suite of flexible resources or a single, comprehensive document management solution.

  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Bespoke business solutions
  • Fully integrated and centrally managed systems
  • A flexible approach to business needs
  • Industry-wide experience
  • Expert advice and support

From the moment we collect your documents,
you will know where they are and how to access to them.


A continuous chain of custodyputs your documents in safe hands.

Ensuring every document is safe, secure and fully traceable is at the centre of our document management service, with the security of advanced barcode technology and a robust on-line customer portal.

Business documentation is a vital company asset and losses can be disastrous. Regardless of the quantity or nature of your documentation, we undertake our responsibilities of stewardship with the same care and attention that we apply to our own business transactions.

At the heart of our document management service is advanced barcode technology. This technology applies a unique barcode to each and every file you deposit with us ensuring full traceability and the most secure chain of custody possible.

Your document barcode is its unique identity while in our care – from the moment we collect it to the moment it’s returned to you.

And we make it easy for you to manage access to your documents through our online customer portal, or by phone and fax. From ordering a digital copy to requesting return of the original – even instructing the destruction of obsolete material. At every stage unique item codes are checked and re-checked applying the highest levels of security and diligence in connection with any instruction we receive from you.

  • Advanced barcode identification system
  • Full traceability and a complete chain of custody
  • Secure transportation and document tracking
  • Manage documents via a dedicated customer portal
  • Fully screened and trained operatives
  • Technical advice and support online or in person

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our business services. If you would like to know more, please talk to us.

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