Tail End Management
Many organisations concentrate supply chain management on their areas of largest spend, leaving their lower value purchases, or "tail end" spend at risk of generating disproportionate costs. 
Defining 'tail end' spend

We define 'tail end' spend as the spend within any organisation, and primarily within a procurement-driven organisation, that forms the bottom part of the organisations spend. This typically encompasses 20% of the spend with 80% of suppliers and includes purchases where organisations believe that common procurement rules cannot be applied. 


Organisations with a long 'tail-end' typically purchase a small number of goods from a large number of suppliers, generating a high volume of administration that drives down productivity and increases cost. the burden of dealing with numerous suppliers means that staff often have neither the time, nor the resource to identify the most appropriate products or achieve the best prices. 

Bates Tail End Management

Our Tail End Management service delivers a fully integrated solution to control and leverage purchasing expertise to generate both direct and indirect savings. We achieve this through a structured and transparent methodology to provide a tailored solutions that consolidates tail spend and optimises the efficiency of procurement and supply chains.  

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