Zero Waste to Landfill.
Effectively recovering resources.

Our Zero Waste strategy provides a managed system for waste across your entire business. It is efficient, effective and easy to implement.

We launched Zero Waste in 2014, bringing together our existing services for governance and recycling into a ‘whole business’ strategy for sustainable waste management. Its purpose is to help businesses manage waste more effectively; achieve a higher recovery rate for re-usable and recyclable materials and to divert more waste from landfill. We offer this service free of charge wherever possible, together with our Low co2st Reverse Logistics.

By effectively identifying the different types of waste you produce, we are able to ‘harvest’ resources more effectively. This reduces environmental impact, improves your workplace for the benefit of your staff and the local community, enhances your reputation with customers and other stakeholders, and reduces your business costs.

In addition, reprocessors and the recycling industry benefit from greater consistency of materials and reduced contamination.

We conduct a full waste audit to identify the types of waste you produce and any obstacles that pose a barrier to improved recycling; assess your needs and provide the appropriate on-site resources for efficient sorting. We then provide secure, certified removal of waste and process it through our own dedicated facilities.

We understand the importance of making waste management as straightforward and efficient as possible. Our waste management experts are available by phone 
or in person to provide advice regarding every aspect of compliant disposal in line with Government requirements and legislation.