Our CSR heritage.
Sustainable business development.

We are proud of our achievements, and as we continue to grow and improve, 
it is the principle of good conduct that drives our business choices.


In the 1930s when our founder, George Henry Bates, began trading from a small typewriter shop in London, he would not have recognised the definition of ethical 
or sustainable business as we now know it, but his approach; the fundamental principle of good conduct, remains as relevant today as it was then.

We are rightly proud to have been the first independent business in our sector to achieve ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. We have consistently worked 
to develop initiatives such as intelligent ordering to reduce CO2 emissions, and broken new ground with products such as Harvest – launched in 2012 – the first fairtrade, sustainable office paper made from agricultural waste straw.

2014 saw the launch of our Zero Waste initiative to recover more recyclables and divert waste from landfill, closely followed by the launch of our Green Initiative, developed to inform and help our customers make sustainable choices.

We have also been able to forge close ties with the charitable foundation 
‘Wasps Legends’, through whom we can help to support a wider range of 
charities and community projects, and work to improve the lives of people 
across the UK and beyond.