Maintain. Repair. Re-use.
Proactively reducing waste at source.


Furnishings and equipment are complex and carbon-hungry to produce, 
as well as recycle; fulfilling their lifetime potential is a priority for us.

Waste is one of the most pressing environmental, social and economic concerns 
of our time; its impact is global in every sense. Our initiatives reflect our belief in 
a holistic approach, with solutions such as improved recycling underpinning 
our core strategy, which is to reduce waste at source.

By providing scheduled preventative maintenance and on-demand repairs for buildings, furnishings and equipment, we mitigate avoidable waste, reduce the consumption of carbon-intensive resources and help businesses to drive sustainability, raise their productivity and realise financial investments.

Our service provides comprehensive cover; from fixtures and furnishings to 
electrical equipment and security systems, water quality testing and compliance. 
Our operatives are trained experts in their fields, with full industry accreditation 
and insurance.

For unrepairable items, we provide appropriate disposal and recycling. For those 
that have simply become redundant, we advocate re-use through organisations 
such as reuse network (reuse-network.org.uk), who support charities across the UK working to alleviate poverty and reduce waste.