Low co2st Reverse Logistics.
Streamlining our transportation.

This initiative forms part of our wider strategy for sustainable delivery of our products and waste management services.

Low co2st Reverse Logistics is a simple and effective initiative for reducing 
the negative environmental, social and economic impact of vehicle use. 


It streamlines your business deliveries and waste collection into a single 
journey to reduce the number of journeys we make to you.


Through this initiative we reduce CO2 emissions from our vehicles, lowering our carbon footprint and that of our customers. We also alleviate the ‘hidden’ environmental costs of consumables such as tyres and other vehicle parts,In addition to the wear and tear on roads and infrastructure.

We also recognise the social and economic benefits of reducing road use; 
congestion, air quality and disruption to other road users are all issues that 
we can address and have a positive impact on. Reducing the running costs 
of our fleet is also economically sound for our business and customers.

As with all our initiatives, Low co2st Reverse Logistics has been developed 
through collaboration with each of our stakeholders to ensure that it suits 
all users, is easy to implement and use, and thereby effectively delivers 
on the goals that we have set.