Our Green Initiative.
Office products and services.

A guide to our Initiative brand, our products, principles and practices,
and how we are informing and helping business to drive sustainability.

Our Green Initiative focuses on how we are driving sustainability across our operations 
and how we can help other businesses to do the same, with a range of considered 
office products and services that fulfil the ethical principles we practice and promote.

Our Green Audit provides businesses with a free, no-obligation assessment to identify 
areas where sustainability could be improved through alternative products and services. 
Our Initiative range features over 800 office products, including everyday consumables, furnishings and equipment. Each is responsibly sourced and clearly labelled in our catalogues with applicable standards and certifications, giving buyers the information they need to make conscious choices.

As members of a buying group with over 200 like-minded businesses (Integra Business Solutions Ltd), we are represented on the British Office Supplies and Services Federation (BOSS) Environmental Committee, whose guidelines and recommendations inform 
sector-wide best practice.

With a robust supply chain, we aim always to trade with suppliers and manufacturers 
who have, or who are developing, socially responsible policies and practices. Every supplier who tenders for the Initiative range is required to provide a CSR statement, relevant COSHH data, and Quality Assurance. We generate a supplier audit trail to 
monitor and record their SR performance, and this is available to our customers.